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Support to Building National Capacities for Earthquakes Risk Reduction in Greater Amman Municipality
April 2007 - April 2009
Location: Amman Jordan
Sponsored by: UNDP Jordan

Project Summary

 The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) partnered with EMI to develop a Disaster Risk Management Master Plan (DRMMP) that will guide local authorities in understanding and reducing the city’s risks to earthquakes and other hazards. The project was developed under contract with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) offices in Jordan and in Geneva through the Bureau of Crisis Prevention and Recovery (UNDP/BCPR) and undertaken in partnership with several governmental institutions of the Kingdom of Jordan, including the General Directorate for Civil Defense (GDCD) and GAM. In addition, a broad spectrum of stakeholders including representatives of national and local institutions, media, academia and international organizations were engaged.


Project Objectives

The overall goal is to develop a Disaster Risk Management Master Plan that sets the directions for mainstreaming sound DRR practices within GAM’s governance functions. EMI works with the city government of GAM, national government agencies, and the academe to:

  • Collect and analyze key information on the country’s legal, institutional, and organizational structure;
  • Develop a city profile for Amman;
  • Conduct a risk assessment of the city; and
  • Develop a DRMMP Framework for Amman


 EMI carried out three (3) field investigations towards developing the DRMMP of GAM. The first field investigation was focused on two important aspects of disaster risk management within the context of GAM: seismic risk assessment, and legal and institutional frameworks for disaster risk management. A series of workshops and meetings were conducted to introduce the concepts, principles, processes and methodologies of DRMMP. Discussion also took place around the key considerations of the seismic risk assessment study and its initial outputs. One important output of this workshop was the consensus-based revised vision for Amman: “A safe, sustainable and prosperous city with a soul.”

Building from the outcomes of the first field investigation, the second field investigation in August 2008 further engaged local stakeholders in identifying the elements that will constitute Amman’s DRMMP Framework. During the field investigation, the participants revisited Amman’s history of dealing with disasters. They also analyzed the present needs and challenges of the city and came up with steps towards developing Amman’s DRMMP, through a Future Search methodology.

The final field investigation brought in technical staff and researchers from Greater Amman Municipality, General Directorate of Civil Defense, Yarmouk University and EMI for a multi-stakeholder and validation workshop. This field investigation sought to validate the draft DRMMP Framework of Amman and to consolidate the sense of ownership of the disaster risk management agenda to relevant local stakeholders and key government organizations including the Greater Amman Municipality, which is the primary recipient of this work.

Project Accomplishments/Deliverables

  • Development of a Disaster Risk Management Master Plan (DRRMP) for GAM, which consisted of 47 DRR recommendations along eight core functions and responsibilities.


  • Assessment and analysis of the city’s institutional and organizational arrangements on disaster risk management
  • Hazard, vulnerability and seismic risk assessment and analysis for Greater Amman Municipality (GAM), using both probabilistic and deterministic approaches
  • Mapping and recommendations for risk-sensitive land use planning processes and practices
  • Training of disaster management professionals to provide the necessary technical knowledge and experience in implementing the DRRMP process


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