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Disaster Risk Reductions of Mega-Urban Regions
Theme(s): Disaster Risk Reduction, Urban Resilience
Type(s): Proceedings
Author(s): EMI

The Asia Megacities Forum 2006 was held on 3-4 November in Kobe, Japan. The Forum was organized by EMI and Kobe University – Research Center for Urban Safety and Security (RCUSS), with the support of Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Pacific Disaster Center (PDC), ProVention Consortium, United Nations Development Programme/Bureau of Crisis Prevention and Recovery (UNDP/BCPR), United Nations-International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UN-ISDR), and World Bank Institute (WBI).

The Forum was conceived to provide the venue for a knowledge sharing experience on disaster risk reduction and management among megacities in Asia. It served as a continuation of EMI’s efforts to respond to the Hyogo Framework of Action’s call for disaster risk reduction in mega-urban regions and provided the opportunity for strengthening network cooperation and advancing state-of-the-art knowledge. Twelve (12) EMI megacity partners and observers participated in the Forum, with each partner city represented by a city officer and an academic research leader.

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Editors: Kristoffer Berse, Asteya Santiago
Editorial Consultants: Fouad Bendimerad, Jeannette Fernandez, Shirley Mattingly

  1. Contents
    Forum Proceedings
    Prepared by Dr. Asteya Santiago
  2. Session Reports
    Prepared by Dr. Antonio Fernandez, Dr. Amod Dixit, Ms. Jeannette Fernandez, Dr. Kambod Amini Hosseini, Dr. Asteya
    Santiago, and Ms. Violeta Seva
  3. Presentations and/or Papers
  4. Abstracts
    Prepared by Ms. Tara Ledesma and
    Nadia Pulmano, with Mr. Irwin Lopez and Dr. Marqueza Reyes
  5. Program of Activities
  6. List of Participants
  7. Photos
  8. MEGA-Learn Tour
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