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Enhancing City-to-City Sharing and Social Participation in Disaster Risk Reduction
Theme(s): Others
Type(s): Proceedings
Author(s): Eduardo Reinoso, EMI, Fouad Bendimerad, Jeannette Fernandez, Kristoffer Berse, Louise Comfort, Mark Benthien, Marqueza Reyes, Reynaldo Guioguio, Roberto Meli, Roberto Quass, Sergio Puente Aguilar, Virginia García Acosta
Reference Number: PR-08-01

The proceedings report documents the presentation highlights, discussions and policy lessons from the Americas Megacities Forum held on 19-21 September 2007 in Mexico City, Mexico. It contains an Executive Summary and session reports on four thematic areas, namely, (1)Progress in Disaster Risk Mitigation in Mexico, (2) Approaches and Tools in Disaster Risk Mitigation, (3) Enhancing City-to-City Sharing in the Americas Cluster, and (4) Social Participation in Risk Mitigation Programs.

The proceedings report includes a short description of the Share Fair, an interactive peer-to-peer sharing and learning activity where participating cities discuss DRR sound practices and experience with each other.

The report also contains as appendices the a) Forum Agenda, b) Opening Speech, c) Declaration of Commitment from Participating Cities and Institutions, d) Joint EMI-Mexico City Declaration of Cooperation, e) List of Participants, and f) Timeline of Selected EMI Events.

Download here.

Editors: Fouad Bendimerad, Jeannee Fernandez and Marqueza Reyes

Editorial Consultants: Reynaldo Guioguio
Contributors: Sergio Puente Aguilar, Virginia García Acosta, Fouad Bendimerad, Mark Benthien, Kristoffer Berse, Louise Comfort, Roberto Meli, Roberto Quass, Eduardo Reinoso
Translation: Jeannette Fernandez
Layout and Cover Design: Kristoffer Berse

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