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Science, Knowledge Sharing and Planning for Megacities Disaster Risk Reduction
Theme(s): Others
Type(s): Proceedings
Author(s): Bijan Khazai, EMI, Fouad Bendimerad, Josef Leitmann, Kambod Amini Hosseini, Kristoffer Berse, Mark Benthien, Marqueza Reyes, Maziar Hosseini, Noel Lansang, O. Metin Ilkisik, Pan Huaiwen, Ravi Sinha, Reynaldo Guioguio, Tom Haase, Violeta Seva
Reference Number: PR-07-02

The proceedings report documents the presentation highlights, discussions and policy lessons from the Asia Megacities Forum held on 24-26 October 2007 in Jakarta, Indonesia. It contains an Executive Summary and session reports on four thematic areas, namely, (1) turning science into practice, (2) disaster management master planning, (3) promoting disaster risk reduction in cities – examples of programs, projects and sound practices, and (4) building networks and sharing knowledge. It also includes a short description of the Share Fair, a peer-to-peer sharing and learning activity whereby participating cities get to interact closely with other cities to discuss DRR sound practices and experience. The report also contains as appendices the a) Joint EMI-Jakarta Declaration of Cooperation, b) Forum Agenda, c) Presentation Abstracts, d) Opening Speech, and e) List of Participants.

The Forum was organized in partnership with the Jakarta Provincial Government and Institut Teknologi Bandung, and with the support of the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology, UNDP, UN/ISDR, Pacific Disaster Center and ProVention Consortium.

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Editors: Marqueza Reyes, Kristoffer Berse
Editorial Consultants: Fouad Bendimerad, Reynaldo Guioguio
Contributors: Fouad Bendimerad, Mark Benthien, Tom Haase, Kambod Amini Hosseini, Maziar Hosseini, Pan Huaiwen, O. Metin Ilkisik, Bijan Khazai, Noel Lansang, Josef Leitmann, Marqueza Reyes, Violeta Seva, Ravi Sinha
Layout and Cover Design: Kristoffer Berse

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